Week 4 share, newsletter, & how to make ranch mix for dressing & dips–Whew!

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I love ranch dressing–and I love the powdered mix you can buy in those little packets in the grocery store, but they are expensive, and they always have hard-to-pronounce ingredients in them, including monosodium glutamate, or MSG. MSG has its issues (I have a friend who claims it gives her migraines) and so I try […]

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Week 3–how to make garlic scape pesto

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Garlic scapes have arrived with Week 3 of the CSA–one of my all-time favorite produce items. Many of us get really excited when the garlic scapes arrive. There are a lot of ways to use garlic scapes, but this is my go-to recipe because it is so versatile. You can add any number of herbs, […]

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CSA week 1: baby bok choy potstickers


Week 1 of the CSA has come and gone!! Here’s a creative way to use your share.

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The first CSA pick up was yesterday, and as promised, I created a video to demonstrate a way to cook up your shares.  I used 5 of the 7 items in our share (I was so hungry after I finished making the celeriac chips that I forgot to use the mixed greens –oops!).  Not a bad way to start of the season.  Enjoy your share and thanks for choosing to eat locally!  I’ll post the recipe later this week here.

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Asian garlic scape pesto & Cabin cookin’ with Urban Farmgal

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This week Urban Farmgal is cooking up Asian garlic scape pesto noodles, grilled pork shoulder steak, and Dutch oven peach-huckleberry cobbler–at a cabin in the mountains!  The Asian garlic scape peso recipe is here.  Sara will show you how to make it in June when we get them with our shares!

Cheese & Fun Shares are SOLD OUT!!

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Hey fellow locavores!  We’re sold out of Cheese and Fun shares for the 2017 summer CSA season.  But there’s a little bit of good news:  if we have more interest, we’ll start a waiting list and if there is enough interest (i.e., we need to sell 6 more of either share) by the time we stop selling shares May 31st  then it will happen!

We still need to sell some milk shares.  We have to purchase milk in gallons by multiples of 4 (we’ve sold 3) and we have to purchase milk in half gallons by multiples of 6 (we’ve sold 3).  If you are interested in fresh milk this summer–think HOMEMADE ICE CREAM–then this is a great way to get it.

We’ve still got plenty of produce shares available–so if you have a friend who wants to try their hand at local, seasonal eating this year, tell them about us!

As always, thanks for choosing to eat like a local.  We will see you June 6th at the Lewis & Clark county fairgrounds!

CSA season is JUST around the corner–and I can’t wait.

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I know it’s only April, but June 6th is really not all that far away.  And that’s why I’m getting excited for Helena Local’s 5th season of CSA shares!  I’m craving fresh, raw, crunchy these days and even though my garden is starting to produce a few things here and there, it’s mostly committed to garlic, so I need to source my veggie craving elsewhere.  The CSA is so convenient for that need.  I just need June 6th to get here!!

We’ve got a new newsletter for the spring!  Check it out  here: April_2017

Don’t forget:  pick ups are on Tuesdays from 11am – 2pm at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds.  Depending on a few factors, we might play with our pick up time this year–maybe shift it forward a little bit?  If 10am-12pm sounds a little better, then we might give it a whirl and see how she goes later this summer.  But for June 6th–NOTHING WILL CHANGE.  We’ll keep you posted if any changes do occur to the pick up time.

I hope you are getting just as excited about the CSA this summer as I am.  We’re all looking forward to seeing you June 6th!


P.S.  I’m going to be creating some cooking videos this year to help you find creative ways to use your share–stay tuned!