2018 Summer CSA shares are now available!

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It may be the middle of winter, but some of us are looking toward summer already.  If you are excited about fresh, locally grown produce, then you’ll want to check out our share page and sign up!  We’re offering 20 week produce shares for just $15/week.  We also have egg, cheese, milk, and fun shares.  Best of all, you can pay online.  We have 60 spaces available, so don’t wait to sign up!

CSA season is JUST around the corner–and I can’t wait.

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I know it’s only April, but June 6th is really not all that far away.  And that’s why I’m getting excited for Helena Local’s 5th season of CSA shares!  I’m craving fresh, raw, crunchy these days and even though my garden is starting to produce a few things here and there, it’s mostly committed to garlic, so I need to source my veggie craving elsewhere.  The CSA is so convenient for that need.  I just need June 6th to get here!!

We’ve got a new newsletter for the spring!  Check it out  here: April_2017

Don’t forget:  pick ups are on Tuesdays from 11am – 2pm at the Lewis & Clark County Fairgrounds.  Depending on a few factors, we might play with our pick up time this year–maybe shift it forward a little bit?  If 10am-12pm sounds a little better, then we might give it a whirl and see how she goes later this summer.  But for June 6th–NOTHING WILL CHANGE.  We’ll keep you posted if any changes do occur to the pick up time.

I hope you are getting just as excited about the CSA this summer as I am.  We’re all looking forward to seeing you June 6th!


P.S.  I’m going to be creating some cooking videos this year to help you find creative ways to use your share–stay tuned!

Things to do with your share from Week 2

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We got a great share this week–the strawberries are always a nice bonus.  And even though they had a rough ride over, they taste delicious!

If you need some ideas on how to use garlic scapes, a quick internet search will yield several recipes, so check out some of my links below.  I do the same thing with mine every year: I make garlic scape pesto.  And lots of it:


This is my batch I made last year.  The beautiful thing about the pesto is it freezes well.  I grow garlic in my own garden, so I had several pounds of scapes with which to make my batch of pesto.  If you’d like to try making it yourself, and are adventurous in the kitchen, here are some guidelines.  If you want to try the varieties shown in the photo above, click here.  The beautiful thing about pesto is the recipe does not have to be exact.  Add a little, leave out something, a pinch of this…it’s totally adaptable to your tastes.

Not into pesto?  Chop up a few garlic scapes and add them to your salad.  Or, chop them into 3-4 inch lengths and stir fry them in a little olive oil.  Cooking them brings out their sweetness, similar to roasting garlic.  You can grill them, roast them (then smash the roasted scapes on a piece of toast with butter!), blanch them and freeze them for later.  Throw them on a pizza.  You can make hummus or dip–go crazy and experiment!

My plans for this week’s share include a salad using the red lettuce and a few green onions.  I’ll add to that radishes and some sprigs of dill from my garden.  For Father’s Day I’ll use green onions, kale, some garlic scapes, and the ricotta cheese and Italian sausage I got with my fun share to make lasagna.  I’ll make angel food cake for desert–to be served with strawberries, of course.  I’m so excited CSA season is here.

Fall Share Week 6–The End

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We’ve made it to the end, folks.  For those of you who’ve been with us the entire 26 weeks, we thank you for supporting us and the local food system in Montana.  I think it’s been a great season, and we at Helena Local hope you feel the same.  This week, in preparation for Thanksgiving, have ordered up some potatoes, beets, carrots, and onions.  Additionally, as a little extra surprise, we ordered some feta cheese that is delicious (I would know, I got some in my fun share this summer and I’m so excited to see it again!).  The potatoes are a mix of fingerlings or Russets, so get here early for the best selection!  We also have mixed beets again.  All in all, it’s a pretty nice way to end the season.

For those of you who did not get a pie pumpkin last week, we have them for you this week.  Don’t forget to pick it up!

And don’t forget, if you are interested in getting eggs over the winter, let us know.  We’ve decided to wait until January to begin egg delivery–and we WILL be offering half dozen eggs every week, instead of biweekly like originally proposed.  So that’s the latest.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and winter (get out and enjoy some skiing, snowshoeing, or winter hiking to beat off those winter “blahs”!) and we look forward to seeing you again next summer!  We’ll be in touch next spring with respect to Summer 2016 shares.

Week 5: In prep for Thanksgiving

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This week we are gearing up for Thanksgiving!  We ordered pie pumpkins so you have time to cook them up over the weekend and make your delicious, homemade pumpkin puree for that pumpkin pie you’ve been waiting for all year…or is that just me?  We ran short by a few this week because the pumpkins are SO BIG this year!  So if you don’t get a pumpkin this week (get here early for the best shot!) then you will definitely get one next week.  We also have Russet potatoes for those mashers, some faro–treat it like brown rice, and wouldn’t you know it: lettuce!  The lettuce is actually an awesome surprise this week because we’re having venison spaghetti tonight and a salad will be a dandy addition to the meal.


Are you interested in getting eggs over the winter?  If so, talk to Jared today and let him know you are interested.  Our egg produces have eggs coming out their ears, so we are thinking of offering a monthly subscription over the winter so you don’t have to buy store-bought eggs!  We’ll offer weekly dozens or bi-weekly dozens, so we don’t have to fuss with half dozens per week.  Since my girls are molting and have stopped laying for the winter, I’m definitely game for this idea!

Next Tuesday is our FINAL week of Fall Share!  We’ll try to find more Thanksgiving-y items for your share to send you out with a memorable, bountiful share this year.

Fall Share Week 4

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This week’s share is awesome, if I do say so myself.  Sweet dumpling squashes, sweet onions, carrots, beets, and–what’s this??–POBLANO PEPPERS?!  I’m thinking fajitas tonight, with some venison from the freezer.

Next week, in prep for Thanksgiving, we’ll be ordering pie pumpkins!  Happy local eating everyone!