Week 3 Surprise!

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We got our surprise in this week!  It’s pancake mix made with black/purple corn!  As you may know, vegetables that are blue or purple have high levels of antioxidants, which are cancer-fighting compounds.  That’s good stuff.  Let us know how you like it, as there is also a cornbread mix that we may try next year.

The rest of this week’s share includes mixed potatoes, onions, parsnips, and acorn squash.  It’s a beautiful share and with the snow falling today, this share speaks comfort food to me–roasted veggies!  I’m also going to make more parsnip muffins.  I absolutely love those things!  Enjoy your share and safe travels today to and from the CSA pick up!

Fall Share Week 2 is gorgeous!

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I am so excited about this week’s share: pasta, apples, leeks, parsley, and more carrots.  I’m especially excited because Hubby brought home a deer this past weekend, and we are having venison stroganoff this weekend.  The timing of the pasta, parsley, and leeks is perfect.  With steamed carrots on the side…and an apple tart for dessert, perhaps?  Boom!  My work here is done.

We have a nice surprise coming up probably Week 4 with another local product we just discovered!  I’ll only say this–it will be a colorful breakfast treat.  Hmmmmm…..I wonder what it could be?!  I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!

Fall Share Week 1

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Fall is in the air today.  It’s a chilly, overcast, drizzly sort of day.  A great day for soup.  Maybe butternut squash soup?  Potato-carrot soup?  Or how about a butternut squash and kale risotto?  Or maybe roasted carrots and potatoes?  There are several possibilities to use up these beauties.  With tomatoes to remind us that summer hasn’t been gone for too long, we’re off to a great start with our fall share.  More root vegetables and leafy greens in your future for the next 5 weeks!

Sign up for a fall share!

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Hello fellow locavores!

I know it may seem premature (or even depressing) to begin thinking about fall, but it is time to plan ahead for our fall share. If you just can’t get enough of local produce in 20 weeks, you’re in luck! We’re going to offer a Fall Share for 6 weeks beginning immediately after our Summer Share ends October 13. The Fall Share will run October 20 – November 24, which is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. If you were with us last fall, you may remember we got pie pumpkins and other Thanksgiving-y items like potatoes, carrots, and onions to make your meal more local. What else can you expect in a fall share? Mostly lots of root vegetables, like potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips, and storage onions. But we also get grains like lentils, farro, chickpeas, or split peas and the occasional green leafy thing like kale or spinach. If you are interested in a fall egg share, we’ll have those available as well. We don’t offer fun, cheese, or milk shares in the fall.

We’ll have sign up forms at the pick up next week, so if you are interested in staying with us as long as possible, bring your checkbook with you to the pick up!  Or, click the link below to print out a form and either bring it with you to the pick up or mail it to our P.O. Box.

Fall Share 2015 Membership Form