Another way to use tomatillos!

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My friend Patty sent me this recipe for tomatillo salsa tonight. It sounds really yummy, so I may have to try this. Note to self: add avocado to the grocery list…. I do not know where she got this recipe, but here it is. Enjoy! Ingredients 1 Pound Fresh Peeled and Washed Tomatillos 1/2 Bunch […]

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Week 18 is another beautiful share

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It’s beginning to look a little like fall around here, both outside and in the kitchen.  The leaves are turning and falling just as quickly, and we’ve had a hard freeze in the valley that took out the last of the tomatoes and summer squashes, much to our growers’ dismay.  But, we have a great selection of late summer produce for you today: cilantro, tomatoes, potatoes, mixed beets, and rainbow chard.  You can’t go wrong with this week’s share!  Enjoy!

Week 14 is definitely a salsa week

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Mixed hot peppers, cherry tomatoes, cilantro?  I think a salsa will appear from this week’s share.  Or maybe some jalapeno poppers?  Hmmm, so many decisions.  And eggplant!  I will be making eggplant in garlic sauce with this eggplant.  The apples will probably get turned into applesauce.  I just picked some apples from a neighbor’s tree last weekend and made little hand pies and fruit leather with them.  So good!

What a beautiful, colorful share this week!  Enjoy, everyone!

The Cilantro Debacle


Do you know someone, maybe you, that absolutely hates cilantro?  Maybe you think they are crazy for not loving that pungent herb that invokes the essence of Mexican cooking.  They may argue that it has a bitter, soapy taste to it that makes salsa taste like bubble bath.  Well, if you’ve ever wondered why these “picky eaters” won’t eat your delightful Mexican cooking with the fresh cilantro you got in your CSA share that week, check out this video, which offers a scientific look into why a small part of the population doesn’t like cilantro.

It turns out to be a set of genes that makes people particularly sensitive to detecting aldehydes in cilantro, which are also some of the same aldehydes found in soap.  So now you know these people have nothing against you or your cooking when they ask if you accidentally poured dish soap into your soup–they can’t help it.  They just happened to inherit the right combination of genes from their parents that make them this way.  And, FYI, if you are looking for a good cilantro substitute, parsley is a good alternative.

Helena Local Newsletter–Week 1


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What’s in season right now in Montana?  Lot’s of things: chives, oregano, spinach (not for long!), kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, cilantro, basil, asparagus, pak choy, and lots more.  More recipes posted soon!