Newman Farm

Owner:  Chad and Nicole Newman


  • Helena Local Approved

Our farm is passionate about local foods because:

“We value fresh, nutritious, non-GMO food; We value building the local economy; and because homegrown, local food tastes good!”  — Nicole Newman

Farm focus:

  • Lettuce
  • Beets

Helena Local Approved on: 5/2013

2 thoughts on “Newman Farm

  1. Hello! I am a missoula small farmer, 18 share CSA and wholesale accounts. I recently had 3 helena families in my Csa with transportation from missoula. That transportation is not available next year, and I would like to recommend a easy access csa to them. Would you be doing a csa or do you have any Helena farm recommendations? Thanks so much!

    Blue Eyed Dog Farm

  2. Hi Leah. Yes, we are doing our CSA again in 2017. We serve the greater Helena area, so you can direct them to our website so they can learn more about Helena Local CSA and see if they are interested. We’ll be posting information for signing up later in December. Our season runs June 6-October 17 with a short fall season that runs up until Thanksgiving. I’ll send you a flyer that you can pass along to them. Thanks for contacting us! Wishing you all the best for a bountiful 2017!

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