When life gives you lemons…

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I’m back! I was traveling for work recently and once I got home I got hit with a whirlwind of writing reports, playing birthday dinner hostess, preparing for upcoming field work this summer, and my favorite: doing quality control on data entry into our master database at work (kidding). And I think spring has FINALLY […]

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Naturally dyed Easter eggs! — My Urban Farmgal Life

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My chickens are really producing the eggs in quantity these days, so with nearly 8 dozen eggs in the fridge, I decided it was high time for some egg salad! But also why not dye some of them first and share the experience? So that’s what I did… SO BEAUTIFUL! And pretty easy to make, […]

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Chocolate & red wine cupcakes — My Urban Farmgal Life

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I embarked on a cupcake experiment today. Chocolate and red wine are one of my favorite pairings, and I thought, “Why not fuse the two together into a cupcake?” Yesh, why not? Behold! It is done. And I made a video detailing my adventure in the kitchen today. You can check it out below. And […]

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2018 Summer CSA shares are now available!

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It may be the middle of winter, but some of us are looking toward summer already.  If you are excited about fresh, locally grown produce, then you’ll want to check out our share page and sign up!  We’re offering 20 week produce shares for just $15/week.  We also have egg, cheese, milk, and fun shares.  Best of all, you can pay online.  We have 60 spaces available, so don’t wait to sign up!

The best birthday cake ever: hazelnut carrot cake with cream cheese frosting — My Urban Farmgal Life

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I have the same birthday cake every year: carrot cake. I cannot even remember a time that I did not have carrot cake, though I remember (vaguely) of a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake like this one from my early childhood: I actually had the original cake form up until I last moved 7 years ago, […]

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Looking for a way to use up your winter squash? Look no further than these brownies.

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Happy Solstice, everyone! This is my favorite day of the year. Why? Because beginning tomorrow, the days start to get longer! We have finally reached the shortest, darkest day of the year. And on this longest night, it is going to be bitter cold outside so I am sitting by the wood stove while I […]

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Thanksgiving turkey: how to dry brine (and one tasty rub, too)

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I love love love Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday. And I am hosting this year, both friends and family, so we’re expecting a nice crowd of about 8. But who knows? If I see anyone in the neighborhood up for adoption Thursday, I might drag them along for our Thanksgiving ride, too (we play […]

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