Tomato and arugula pesto focaccia


the blonde tressed runner


Yesterday at 4pm I had a panic attack–What was I going to make for dinner?!  Then I had an idea that I knew I could throw together quickly: focaccia.  I ran into the kitchen, pulled out my breadmaker, and threw a handful of items in the bucket.  I set it to go and less than an hour later my dough was ready!  Voila!  Hubby arrived home stressed out and sort of crabby, so I was so thankful that I had planned something that I know he really likes to eat.  Once the dough is prepared, it goes together very quickly, since there are only a handful of toppings, and it bakes in about 20-25 minutes.  Thank goodness for frozen pesto, too.  What a lifesaver that was!  Everything was from the CSA or my garden, so I’m still making good on my plan to eat mostly local food, too.  That feels…

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