Spicy Refrigerator Dill Pickles


the blonde tressed runner


My evenings seem to be filled nearly every night these days. If I’m not working on the project-that-will-never-die, then I’m either cleaning garlic, at the gym, trail running, doing something in the garden (either at home or at the community garden), writing my book, cooking dinner, or doing the dishes. There are other things going on, too I’m sure, but hell if I can remember. I do know with certainty that blogging hasn’t been one of them lately. But tonight I felt I needed to share my refrigerator pickle recipe because I have been eating these suckers like crazy the past several days. Oh! I just remembered something else. Kayaking! I did go this past weekend (Stinker loves, loves, loves, to go kayaking):


Alrighty. Back to pickles. I got a handful of pickling cucumbers from one of our new CSA growers last week, just to try out. Not enough to process with…

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