CSA free-for-all dinner tonight


the blonde tressed runner


We got a beautiful share this week: carrots, beets, tomatillos, green onions, lettuce, and mixed herbs.  The sage in the herb bundles came from my garden–my first CSA sale!  Next week I’m providing the garlic share…I better get to cleaning up my garlic after work this week so it’s ready!

On my way back to work after the CSA I stopped by the community garden to check on the zucchini.  We got a ton of rain on Monday and I wanted to check in on things; my garden partner was out there on Sunday and she told me I’d probably have a few squashes to pick.  She was right!  The rain caused them to swell up something crazy and I plucked 5 monster squashes, a mix of yellow squash, green zucchini, and a striped zuke (my new favorite zucchini variety: Striata d’Italia).  I still had a couple striped ones in the…

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