2015 Garlic Scape Pesto marathon


If you are looking for some unique garlic scape pesto recipes, here are three that may interest you!

the blonde tressed runner

Mercy, it’s hot!  We are in a heat wave that is unusual for this early in the summer.  Yesterday, on the way home from an awesome float trip (see more below), my car thermometer showed 102 degrees F.  I’m not sure we’re quite going to hit 100 again today, but 99 degrees is the forecast.  As if that makes a difference.  And tomorrow’s forecast is for 101, so that’s just as encouraging.  The long-term forecast for the next week shows highs in the upper 90s for the first part of the week, then mid- to low-90s the latter half of the week.  Misery in a house with no air conditioning.  Fortunately, we have a little set up that helps keep the house at least somewhat bearable in the mid to late afternoons.  Last summer Hubby bought an oscillating fan on a stand that we put at the bottom of the…

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