CSA is finally here!

Weekly Shares

the blonde tressed runner

Yesterday was our first CSA pick up.  And for being early in the season, I think we got a hella good share this first week.  We got a large head of leaf lettuce, some mixed salad greens (as a substitute for something that was out of stock), radishes, cilantro, and basil:


So for dinner last night we had salad, an obvious choice for using up most of the share and which would generate leftovers so that lunch would be taken care of for the rest of the week.  I chopped up both the head of lettuce and the mix, chopped up the radishes, added a few leaves of chopped basil, then I added from my own garden some dill, Johnny jump-ups, chive flowers, and bachelor buttons.  And of course I boiled some eggs.  I also scored a locally produced turnip, which was delicious–and this is coming from a gal who…

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